​The difference between us and other self-proclaimed “Gurus” is we have come from nothing and from humble beginnings. It started with a 21-year-old immigrant who couldn’t speak English and had nothing but $150 in his pocket and big dreams. 


Those dreams have become a reality but we aren’t finished yet! From that very same $150 grew studios all over Florida, to NYC, and soon California. The hard work and sweat and tears built them but even more so, they were built by the hearts of our employees. 4U Fitness and Fitbiz is the birth of the allied employees working together on the same mission. Zero funding was used and organic growth came from a team that just won’t quit when the going gets tough!


If you want to thrive, if you want your team to thrive, to be more than just a personal trainer and a single gym owner, this is 4U. Be a part of the Revolution. 

Daniel Nyiri

Daniel Nyiri is a Best Selling Author and the Founder/CEO of 4U Fitness in the U.S. among many other companies he helps fitness professionals to succeed in this very competitive market. 

4U Fitness epitomizes the american dream. Founded by a 21 year old who came to the U.S. with only $150 in his pocket and a language barrier, he knew that with hard work and dedication he could make great things happen.

Parita Patel

Parita started her career in corporate america, working for four years as a business analyst and merchandise financial planner. Tired of feeling like she wasn't making a difference in the world, Parita made a change she always loved e(erasing and staying fit, not just for health purposes, but as a stress reliever too. Wanting to help others, she decided to pursue her career as a personal trainer. 

Parita received her certification from the national academy of sports medicine and has experience in crossfit, boxing, Olympic lifting and specializes in weight training for women. She believes and proper nutrition are the best forms of preventative medicine, especially for chronic conditions that the majority of Americans are afflicted with today and she hopes to spread this knowledge within this industry mas many people as she can reach so that families don't have suffer losing a loved one to a preventative condition. 

Our Team

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