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The pioneers of the EMS Revolution first legalized EMS training by obtaining FDA clearance in 2011. Since then we've scaled a 1-man show to many locations and sold over 300.

Learn from the pioneers of the EMS Revolution first legalized EMS training by Obtaining FDA clearance in 2011. Then certifying over 100s of trainers and helping many studios to introduce EMS to their clients and make their idea to fruition. Daniel has coached and trained many personal trainers and studio owners, and as the goal to revolutionize the fitness industry as well as putting a stop on obesity has decided to help others do the same. He has successfully opened, run still running and helped to open over 15 studios in the U.S. with Parita Patel, the Chief Operating Officer of 4U Fitness. 

Learn from the ones who have done it all — introduced EMS to the U.S. Acquired FDA, Opened many studios in under four weeks. And packed them with clients in under 60 days. 

We have the perfect formula 4U! 

Every year we take on a handful of consulting clients. If you need our help and qualify, this is 4U. We will 10X your business. 

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